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Would you like to be free of unwanted hair? Have you sought to erase the effects of sun damage? Wolfson Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers light-based treatment for unwanted hair, sun damage, wrinkles, and more with the versatile Icon™ laser system. Find out more about the benefits of this aesthetic system for IPL and beyond by calling today or booking a consultation online.

Icon Q & A

What is Icon laser treatment?

Icon laser technology is a safe, effective, light-based treatment offered in the convenience of Wolfson Medical Center’s office. The noninvasive systems can rejuvenate your skin, permanently reduce unwanted hair, and more.

The Icon system combines two powerful light-based technologies and an array of handpieces to provide specialized treatments. The system yields aesthetic results — without surgery or downtime. With Icon, you can achieve an enhanced appearance with one or more quick, in-office treatment sessions.

How does Icon laser treatment work?

Icon harnesses the power of light-based energy to penetrate your skin’s sub-layers with both fractional laser light and intense pulsed light (IPL). Laser therapy promotes the growth of elastin and collagen — the natural building blocks of firm, youthful skin. Your body’s natural healing process rebuilds your treated tissue, with a smoother texture and more even skin tone.

Icon laser therapy also can destroy hair follicles underneath your skin, ridding you of unwanted hair over a series of treatments.

What is Icon hair removal?

The Icon system can permanently reduce the amount of unwanted hair over time. Laser removal treatments work on most hair colors and on most areas of your body.

The Icon treatment is nearly painless and typically feels like tingling or snapping. Your hair grows in cycles, so you may need three to six treatments to achieve optimal results.

What is Icon IPL photorejuvenation?

IPL treatments use intense pulsed light to smooth the signs of aging and sun damage with no downtime. Your provider at Wolfson Medical Center performs the light-based therapy to minimize the appearance of facial veins, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Even though the treatment isn’t painful, your provider may apply a numbing cream beforehand to ensure you’re comfortable. Depending on your desired results, you may need more than one treatment session.

What is Icon IPL photofacial?

If you’ve been seeking a smoother skin tone and more even complexion, an IPL photofacial might be right for you. The light-based treatment targets chromospheres in your skin to stimulate the collagen, minimize discoloration, and improve the overall look of your skin.

All of the treatments are offered in the convenience of Wolfson Medical Center’s office. After treatment, you can return to your day-to-day activities.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to be free of unwanted hair, or you’d like a more youthful complexion without surgery, then the Icon aesthetic technology may be right for you. Find out more today by calling Wolfson Medical Center or booking a consultation online.